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"I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them."
— Uma Thurman (via up—on-melancholy-hill)

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He’s mine. You must breathe away from him.

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♣ Let me just pause ooc for a moment. ♣


I’m sorry but it’s really annoying to see this keep happening on my dash. For those who don’t know, Pixiv is considering shutting down access to western users.


Because of edits and reposts onto social media sites, such as Tumblr, Facebook, even Twitter. The problem has been here for the past months and I really just get sad seeing everyone reblog edits and reposts of art that’s UNSOURCED.

I’m sorry if I seem bitchy, but this is a critical issue, because not only would this cut off fandom posters, it cuts off any person in the US from accessing Pixiv.

Pixiv artists are already deleting their works and accounts, more and more artists are deleting everything because of this. I have already made a post about this on my main,  and so have two of my friends. You may say we’re throwing a big deal about this, but the thing is- we’re just trying to make sure that us fans and future fans have the art resources.

Things to know:

Oh, and biggest thing for the Vocaloid fandom mainly, along with other fandoms:

This is a list of Pixiv artists who DO NOT want their art reposted or edited at all.

If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO REPOST THEIR WORK, ASK THEM FIRST!It won’t hurt you to be polite, and even if they don’t understand english they probably will understand what you’re saying.

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